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There is a new way to live in the world and seems its time to find It. There is a real freedom untouched by the destructive antics being played out in our world. This freedom is the Child within us, our inner Savior directly connected to the Light of Divine Intelligence. The Child is our unbound Soul, our Original Identity, who we were before we came into this world. We can find this carefree Child again, It is still here, pristine, innocent, unharmed and completely free. It lives within us, always. It is our own God given divine Light. We rediscover this Child within and realize this is what was meant by second coming Christ. This healing Love returns to us. This pristine Child we are cannot be controlled by the fear based forces of society’s old withering, fruitless beliefs. As long as people are afraid of Life, they will allow false authorities and everything else to have power over them. So, the lucky ones find our own divine authority within us. This is the holy Child, our Divine Right, capable of living in the world, secure, strong, daring, honest, balanced, easy and true. We find the Child and we find the bedrock stability of Reality and Its dynamism that is never stagnant, but moves, flows with the ongoing freshness, showing us the Way of wisdom and grace


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      Oh yes, and you know – thank you so much Walt – 💕