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Mary Magdalene has always touched my heart as a beautiful image of this living wholeness or holiness of Spirit. In our heart we find the balance of the physical and metaphysical, the unreal and the Real and the two become One. Mary Magdalene lives both, fully human and fully divine. We are here to find and live our Divine Imprint, that visionary knowing of this world as the Infinite Mind of God. Mary Magdalene the symbol of the Living Beauty of Everything. Each of us living the unfolding Hero’s Story, on our way to find the real and true nature of our Self. Triumphant, we boldly Live It. Now we say thank you for this trip through the world of linear time, challenged by the pain and sorrows, loves found and loves lost and all that transpires is just what we need. We listen, we learn from our own Hero’s story perfectly unfolding in a language only we can understand. I feel this Sweet Victory that carries me higher, I am sailing aloft the Infinite Sky of new beginnings. Where are you going?  I don’t know. What are the risks? I don’t know. What’s at the end? I don’t know – but I am willing and joyfully open to this Grand Mystery, like Mary Magdalene, richly filled with happy expectancy.  


  1. 5-20-2020

    We are ‘kindred spirits’ in regards to Maria Magdalena.

    • 5-20-2020

      Walt – how beautiful that is – Sweet to know- thank you for your goodness, grace and lovely Light in my life – 💕