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One thing about being lost is that no matter where we are, we are always Here. People are feeling lost in the midst of old values and traditions being destroyed and unreliable organizations, and unsecured foundations slipping away. It’s always a good thing to know that Here, right Here, right where you are, you are Here. And Knowing that Here is absolutely reliable and secure. Here is the Divine Presence of God. There is no other Here here. Which reminds me – as the story goes, when my dad was a little boy, 5 years old, he got accidentally locked in the linen closet at his aunts house. Her house was a mansion over looking the Pacific Ocean in Palos Verdes. Unbeknownst to the household staff, he had fallen asleep inside the linen closet, happy and content, curled up on the pillows and blankets. When they found him, he woke up and they said “You were lost, we couldn’t find you” and he replied “No, I’m not lost, I’m where I am.” The child has it right. And so today, as we have all kind of been locked in our linen closets – just remember where you are. You are Here. You are Always Here, wherever you are.


  1. 5-7-2020

    Thank you, Sandy— ‘There is no other Here here. Which reminds me – as the story goes…’ 💗

    * * *


    Love affair—
    they dance extremely well and scarcely out of breath
    the townsfolk call them
    two beautiful little silk flags
    in their direction, we give
    a happy glance.

    * * *


    Come back in, he calls.
    Following another puff of her cigar, and
    turning her face toward him, she says -yes dear.

    On the balcony, she lights another cigar
    and begins to smoke, of which, drifts like
    the blue of the horizon

    the sun is low in the east and the wind
    is raw and cold. Again, he calls out to her,
    and she replies, yes, dear.

    • 5-7-2020

      I love this, this is wonderful – this is the Child living It fully and joyful unbound.This is charming and delightful and it really makes me smile – thank you too for all these wonderfully delicious poems. Just truly light, fresh, alive and wonderful – <3

  2. 5-8-2020

    Hi Sandy,💗


    Golden Constantinople
    under a cloudless blue sky
    glittering in the sunshine
    displaying her beauty
    through the streets, glad,
    with all colors of the rainbow—
    you see love whilst you are here-
    you are.

    • 5-8-2020

      Flowing with the Loveliness of being wherever I am, I am here – Yes, Isn’t God so Divine, His sweet beloved Presence never lets us down. <3