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Beautiful reflections on a gentle day. Here in Ojai, the weather as been most glorious. Today is warm and sunshiny bright, with big white puffy clouds floating gently high above. The birds are singing and everything is rich and green. The garden seems extra lush with foliage and vibrant vivacity of colors. My art studio is like a little sanctuary. It’s outside under the trees. My husband built it to keep his motorcycles in. It’s so charming. I love to feel his energy when I am in there. Well, I feel him all the time, everywhere, but I am always touched by the beautiful things he gave me. He’s been gone a long time, but it never feels like that to me. The shed for the motorcycles eventually became my art studio. It has these wonderful glass paned french double doors that open up to the garden. Over the years the trees have gotten so big, they have become an arbor gracefully reaching over this precious place. Oh, and the jasmine are in bloom, so the air is filled with this exotic, sweet scent that is so heavenly. The air almost stuns the sense into euphoria. I will welcome these joyful, heavenly gifts of happiness that are in my life. And I will give my Heart to this holy, untamed Living of Love. 


  1. 5-23-2020

    I am so glad that you enjoy those cozy little things about life experience – like the art studio, a result of your husband’s enjoyment.
    I have done my art and other enjoyable pastimes in different locations about the house; a studio may have added to the wonder and perhaps not. Everything is perfectly the way it should be.
    Sharing Joy,

    • 5-23-2020

      Yes, and Home really is where the Heart is -how wonderful that we really can do our art or whatever we enjoy right here, any place becomes a perfectly beautiful place. Everywhere we are is holy ground. and when we know that, then every place we go sparkles with the Light and Joy of our Heart’s beautiful abiding Peace. 💕