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It’s all as intangible and chimerical as a colorful prism dancing on the wall. I can’t hold the prism of shimmering colors but I can see them, they are real because they exist. This world of ours is as intangible and unreal as a rainbow, but it is here, it exists. This world is an image of the Light Eternal. We are the moving, feeling, seeing, knowing of the very Mind of this Great and Luminous Artist. We exist – it all exists -the Impossible is evidently very possible. Life is Reality shining Itself as the dancing colorful images creating this world of an enchanted seeming. We are the Immutable Light of this mystical wonderland, sparkling rays of you and me. Seems to me, being innocent and free, playing in the wildflower fields of this wonderland is a fine way to live it, since no one has any answers that make any difference. Life is an Inexplicable Miracle. All things appear to exist, like the brilliant radiance of pink and gold, crimson and azure blue of the evening sky. No one is creating that sunset. It comes unbidden to fill this world with beauty seeping out of this Sacred Mystery as It pours Itself into visibility, pulling me sensuously into Its holy embrace.


  1. 5-4-2020

    Hi Sandy,

    • 5-4-2020

      Hi Walt, always sweet to see you here, thank you – 😊 πŸ’•

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    Hi Sandy, this wonderful post some poems about color, thank you,πŸ’—

    ‘All things appear to exist, like the brilliant rays of pink and gold, crimson and azure blue of the evening sky. No one is creating that sunset.’

    * * *


    We know the feeling.

    wings and petalsβ€”
    a butterfly
    settles on a rose.


    The sky,-
    a hillside flower
    the color is
    that kind of blue.


    Over the rim of the horizon
    comes a new wave
    I walk on blue pebbles
    and feel
    the cool quivering foam.

    • 5-4-2020

      I truly love that my writing inspires such wonderful visionary feelings for you- that kind of blue, summer day blue, wings and petals – yes the feeling, the blue pebbles yes, cool quivering from – Thank you Lewis – 😊 πŸ’•