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Seems to be a good idea to keep my heart wide open to this ongoing flow of life. It’s a changing landscape, a marvelous, sweet ebbing and flowing of the ten thousand things. My nature is to be unrestricted, intuitive and moving with the currents of time and matter, giving and taking, coming and going, pushing and pulling, beginnings and endings. For me, like a kid in the ocean, the only course of action in Life, is to dive in and enjoy the waves. I would rather dare to fearlessly feel it all, sensitive, challenged to learn from Life, loving Life, letting it show me how to take it easy, gracefully willing, strong and balanced. It’s all holy, every wondrous moment of this adventure. I will remain vulnerable, curious and alive to this profound and extraordinary experience of existence and the childlike wonder that anything exists at all. The Child I am feels the irrepressible joy streaming from the beams of heaven straight into my heart.


  1. 4-7-2020

    Hi Sandy, as always a beautiful and power-filled post, thank you.💕

    ‘…to keep my heart wide open to this ongoing flow of life.’ & ‘…letting it show me how to take it easy.’

    * * *

    Where to find it

    Thoughts return to a sweet summer
    morning, your walk from the lychgate
    along the path up to the church door
    where you place a wedding ring
    on your partner’s finger
    and sign the open book’s pages
    turned by the breeze
    under a tree’s branches
    spread for an altar
    across the churchyard lawn
    and dove’s feather-soft confetti
    fall upon your cheek, and
    suddenly all these years later
    you find yourself a spectator
    of where to find it
    in the lateness of the hour,
    your sacred and allotted time.

    • 4-8-2020

      Oh gosh, that is very moving for me – thank you for this. This is beautiful – I am happy my words provoked, evoked, lit bright these beautiful heart felt words – this is truly lovely- 💕