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I have seen that our True Self was never born and It never dies. However, we are not accustom to this way of seeing Life. We come into the world, and grow to accept the objective, material view of Life. When all of society believes each of us to be a separate self in a world of others, that mistaken perception causes a lot of fear and suffering. Believing our Life is in this body, we feel unsafe in the world, as if we must protect ourself from it. We turn to governments, systems, and authorities that tell us they are the experts. But I know something deep and abiding, I know that we are not living inside the body – though birth and death are an inevitable part of our journey here – those events are not what they seem. When we discover our Real Identity we fall deeply in love with our world. This higher vision allows us to know and think for ourself. Now, we live from this Divine Intelligence, this dynamic core of our own Identity. This core of ourself is an inner strength and agile Balance, capable of living fully and wholly in this world, with grace and ease. There is no other to fight or fear. Ours alone to live this blessed uninhibited spirit, listening to the harmonious Sounds of God’s Song, and dancing to the holy rhythm of Love


  1. 4-24-2020

    Hi Sandy, ‘…I know something deep and abiding.’ ‘…harmonious Sounds of God’s Song…’

    Thank you, 💖

    * * *

    After a brief silence

    Of an immense distance from my home
    or, so I thought,
    and everyone in song,
    and with a good heart ah, the eyes of
    eternal love!

    Like any other affection, I gather
    the memories of those days, and I feel,
    the sweetness of the heart
    which shines like a sunlit diamond,
    and romantic curiosity.

    • 4-24-2020

      Thank you Lewis, your words are the pure spirit of this unbound joy – yes, with the eyes of eternal love – we come home to our Self, always here, always present with this eternal Love – This beautiful Life that God Is and there is No Other Life -💕