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A sweet friend of mine thought that this Child I speak of would make a person immune from the ravages of life. I had to explain to her that this was not the case at all. We all know that everybody who has been born is going to die – sooner or later, young or old – we will all die from something. That something, in fact, is life – we eventually leave this world to travel on. Seems to me there would be a whole lot less fear and panic in this situation going on here if folks realized that death is part of life. I don’t know if our transition is set to a pre-ordained timing or if it just happens random for no good reason at all. But I do know that no matter how good or brave and true or God loving, and dearly loved we are, we are all subject to life and death. We are also all subject to whatever happens in between, the good times and bad. I don’t know if we have any choices as to how our lives go. I do know that having a joyful attitude through the discovery this childlike wonder, this re-claiming of our divine connection to our Eternal Soul, allows us to be fearless and free to love this adventure dearly.


  1. 4-14-2020

    Hi Sandy, thank you— ‘Seems to me there would a whole lot less fear and panic in this situation going on here if folks realized that death is inevitable.’💕

    No Sooner Beheld

    On the rising of the sun, like a child, I had been turning over the pages of a book and looked up to trace a shadow back to its source a solitary garden tree no sooner beheld comes a golden angel whose wings measure from tip to tip an eternity— love at her center, and she says, ‘here, in plain view is a direct line to your hearts eye which kindles at the sight of you and shows every sign of happiness.’   

    • 4-15-2020

      Yes Lewis -That is wonderful. I like your beautiful response to this one.You found the Beauty and Light within the words, which was what I hoped to bring, but somethings cannot be said without a little bit of hard edge to it. though I like better to just not say anything from a intellectual objective view – I am happy you sow the beauty in that one – thank you 💕

  2. 4-15-2020

    Joy Sandy,

    As you say, that which is born shall die – perfectly logical.
    Likewise, that which is unborn never dies, but this is not of the mind/thought and thus the characters inhabiting this planet cannot comprehend the ineffable.


    • 4-15-2020

      And you dear Walt, you too saw the sharp edge that pointed to the Light of this Living Truth of our immortal Real Selfhood, the Eternal Child we are- that which is unborn never dies – I suppose I should have said that, but I am very happy you knew that – and brought this Light of Love to make it so perfectly clear – thank you for you love around here, always delightful, honest and true – 💕