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An excerpt from my book “Barefoot at Heart”

Surrounded by the radiant beauty of the day, I began to read once again, some personal letters William Samuel had sent me over the years. I had read these letters many times since his passing. The letters in the box were unorganized. I thought to myself that one day I should put them in order as to the dates they were sent. I wouldn’t do it that day, nor any day. 

I pulled a letter out arbitrarily.

“June10, 1986
“Dear Sandy,
“Keep up the work with words. Just the action of the writing process is a spiritual activity unrecognized by the world. Words are symbols of symbols. They are finite and man-made, yet, in the hands of an inspired story teller who knows what he or she doing they can do marvelous things in our wold. Can you imagine the world without the written word? Yet, the art of writing has only been around for a few millennia. Before that, the story teller was the shaman. The shaman was the story teller to whom everyone turned when they wanted to know something about the events over the mountain or across the river. Writing is still the same thing.” 

“Sandy, I love thee. Behind this human scene there is another Scene that is greater, higher, brighter, the substance of everything. That is the scene you’re feeling and trying to write about. Keep it up, Lady of the Enchanted Cottage!”

Love from Billy at Woodsong”


  1. 3-11-2020

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you— ‘…the substance of everything.’ 💕

    * * *

    Speaking from the heart

    This knotted and gnarled oak by the river’s edge
    sometimes stands in fear of the woodsman’s axe but,
    today says thank you, to a dear and good friend
    the heartfelt-companion reflected
    by day a golden dahlia sun and by night a white rose moon
    her smiling face along the waters’
    shimmering surface ripples a reminder of
    something greater, higher, brighter,
    the substance of everything
    speaking from the heart. 

    • 3-11-2020

      Yes, to rest upon the Substance of Everything – that is Unchanged and Always here -The Real that is being All That We Are and ever will be – ❤️

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