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This way of Love is balanced and patient, as we wander our path. We open our heart to happiness in the Divine Light of once upon a time, the childlike heart of sublime innocence, unharmed and free. Ours here, to enjoy the journey of Love’s living passionate beauty. It’s all still here. We are the Presence of this magic that is being Everything that is. Wandering in Joy of this mystical immeasurable Light, not resisting our sweet world as we breathe the scent of roses. We are walking through the fields of endless miracles. Learning the dance of change as we roam, no direction. Carried on the wind, blown like leaves. We let it go. We move on, open and aimless, curious to see wherever the trails might take us. Walking through the Heart of Wonderland, balancing, mixing, heated by the alchemy of Love. Playing, uninhibited, living easy, gently as the very nature of our spirit. We lay together in the fields to watch the clouds drifting across the vast and unending sapphire blue of our own Infinity.


  1. 3-18-2020

    Sandy, in between the so many beautiful lines you write, we get a sense ‘of our own Infinity.’

    ‘…not resisting our sweet world as we breathe the scent of roses.’

    Thank you, đź’•

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    The clock in the hall,
    Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!,
    in growing excitement-
    sparks of imagination
    into the garden we go
    the willing soles and palms
    thorn and rose, climb
    the encircling wall, and from atop
    we leap, into the meadow
    of heavenly delight and play
    between the sounds of
    Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! 

    • 3-18-2020

      Yes, open and fearless letting the Child hold our hand taking us back to Our Own Inner Joyful Vision of our Real Identity- and Living It right here in the world boldly bringing our Glimpses of Light to others – from our Heart’s tender knowing, and feeling of Love that touches our world – đź’•