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The recent gentle rains have brought the spring time splendor of glorious greens, the fields abound in the richness of orange poppies, wild purple lupine and yellow mustard flowering everywhere. My, my, my, it is a magical world. As we recognize the Light within us, we realize Everything out there is aglow with that Conscious Light of Love. Life, the experience of the Divine Presence of Infinite Mind is the sublime, inexplicable miracle happening. We are here to live the gentle splendor of this Self Knowing Light, our Real Identity, and to discover the world is the reflection of who we are. We find the Timeless Light within is the undying Love being the very Light of All That Is. Then to Live our new found Joy, the unbound, carefree Child, the beauty of God’s Eternity. The Holy Presence is already spread over the face of the land – and the events of a linear history in time will be like the wink of an eye and a dream we had and all within the dream was our own images upon image having power when they didn’t really have. So we find our Real Identity and leap fearlessly into this Living Joy of Life. How beautiful to discover and live from the clear and radiant Light of Truth, right here, right now, unencumbered and free.


  1. 3-19-2020

    Sandy, ‘flowering everywhere’, thank you 💕’right here, right now, unencumbered and free.’

    * * *

    A Glimpse

    The sun warms the old wooden bridge across the creek.

    The smell of grilled sweetbread on the table
    wildflowers in a vase, wine in the punchbowl with fruit slices
    under the shade of an oak, and the child listens to
    discussions of journeys to be taken along the road,
    and the starlings sing happy-ending-songs,
    all good wishes to send, and there’s everything in it:
    mothers’ kiss on your forehead— a glimpse—
    my, my, my, it is a magical world.   

    • 3-20-2020

      You took me right there -Sweet feelings – how very beautiful – 💕

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