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You are Life, right here, right now. Life does not die. Life is not in the body, the body is in Life. Life is the Living Presence of this All Inclusive Sphere of Totality. This Sphere is being the infinite Light of your Identity. This Boundless Sphere includes this world as the appearance of time and matter. One day we realize there is nothing outside of this Infinite Sphere and we find our freedom from fear. We find this Unbound Self right here in the world, and another dimension is added. Our Real Identity is like the express train of Love moving beyond the speed of Light. We ride that train through this world, knowing our Identity is Divine and never dies. As this fearless Love we embrace this world of time and matter. We understand the reasons for our trip along the linear plane – and the reasons are Good. This revelation and liberation comes to us through our very own Heart. Now we see Life is All That Is and Life does not die. It is here as this Awareness being All That You Are, being the Infinite Beauty of You. 


  1. 3-15-2020

    Hi Sandy, another of your wonderful posts, I like this one very much, thank you. đź’•

    ‘We find our freedom from fear.’ & ‘This revelation and liberation, comes to us through our very own Heart.’

    Instead of these lines

    The great windmill of time
    along the skyline
    through the Venetian blinds
    the waking sun flower’s red
    the rosters’ call enfolds her
    warm in the bed she dreams

    of lovers everywhere falling
    into the one kiss they sway
    heart-to-heart the pendulums’ rhythm
    of something imperishable
    instead of these lines
    alphabet artifacts seeking

    to discover tenderness is
    the way she sighs
    a gentle breeze through
    the meadows’ wildflower season
    the return of love
    our freedom from fear.

    • 3-16-2020

      Exquisite -You find the beautiful poetry of this Infinite Love
      “a gentle breeze through
      the meadows’ wildflower season
      the return of love
      our freedom from fear.”