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Such a beautiful misty day – Mmmm yes, and now it’s raining again. The rumble of thunder and patter of rain drops – I love how my beveled glass windows sparkle with the twinkling drops of rain capturing the silvery light of the sky. oh my, oh my. I am drenched in the beauty of this Infinite Light of Life that fills my heart with it’s peaceful, gentle, all inclusive, boundless sense of embrace. How does it do that? I don’t know, but sweet Lord it does, it does. Such is the way of this ever present Light of this everlasting miracle – the Immutable Light of Love and Beauty we are.


  1. 3-28-2020

    Haha,-‘Mmmm yes’, Sandy, thank you 💕

    ‘…this Infinite Light of Life that fills my heart…’ & ‘…How does it do that? I don’t know…’

    * * *

    Mountain top to seabed
    gathering up her paintbrush
    she makes known the depth.

    • 3-28-2020

      That is beautiful Lewis, she does make known what we cannot touch or see – yes, yes –

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