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It rained all night. Its a divine pleasure to sleep with my windows open listening to the rain’s blissful lullaby. This morning the garden is glimmering and sparkling under the silvery, intermittent sunlight. How very beautiful it all is. Life and its endless Love speaking to us, telling us who we really are. The Light shines with Love and Truth, always here, steady and Real. This divine messenger speaks of Something Wonderful. We see It, all of it, every moment the bursting explosion of Life that Lives as Faith Itself. And there is no other Life here. The lilac tree is twinkling green and lush, ready to bloom again. It’s magic. This world, the visible evidence that Life is Intelligence Itself, an immutable Intelligence that goes right on being All in all. It is the bountiful joy of the flowers blowing in the wind. It moves as the Isness of all things. It is this Knowing Light that fills our eyes. Knowing what is Real, sets us gently free, fearless and soft, yielding in innocence and peace. Love is easy, it is the bliss of being defenseless and open, alive, bare and vulnerable. This Immutable Something always here changing things up, taking it down, plowing the fields, seasons for the new harvest through this most tender, delicate, mysteriously powerful way.


  1. 3-13-2020

    Hi Sandy, thank you, ‘…every moment the bursting explosion of Life that Lives as Faith Itself.’ And, ‘Love is easy, it is the bliss of being defenseless and open, alive, bare and vulnerable.’πŸ’•

    ~ ~ ~

    Being Something Beautiful

    She moves across to the window seat
    and upon the soft cushions pen and paper in hand
    loveliness her expression
    eyes so deep a hue of blue the sky
    exquisitely-fearless, all things anew

    β€” eternal solitary soul β€”

    she adds words to raise a smile:
    radiant colors
    the sun along the mountain-tops
    meeting the vastness of all the worlds-within-worlds
    and here we notice for the first timeβ€”

    though poor in society’s honors and privileges,
    wealth is her happiness, the love of life
    being something beautiful
    bestows her with praise from within,
    and love is easy.

    • 3-13-2020

      A poem, a tribute to the heart of this childlike holy beauty we are – thank you, yes, this is it, this it the Real honor of being, the Love we are, the Love we Live – Thank you Lewis, that is really beautiful – πŸ’•

  2. 3-14-2020

    I smiled as I absorbed your pleasant words.

    Lightheartedly, I parody your delight from my home which is directly across the lake, north of Erie, Pennsylvania:
    It was calm all night. It’s a divine pleasure to sleep with my windows closed at this time of year. I listened to the furnace fan’s blissful lullaby. The temperature outside was -5 degrees celcius.


    • 3-14-2020

      I love it, I love it – and Yes indeed that would be a sweet lullaby for sure!! Yay for the Bountiful Beauty of the Most Amazing Love we are Living – thank you so much for the smiles here too – happy fun love πŸ’• 😁