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“Song Bird” by Sandy Jones

There is no fear in Love. Love is Life Living Itself in perfect harmony. There is no other Life. We are the Self-knowing awareness of this quantum essence, Child of Presence; balanced, eager, joyful, abundant, and enthusiastic. Each of us the Seeing that is Being the Unbound Beauty. Each of us the first light, new born Child, Joy of the New Day. The Pristine Heart of Being is the holy child you are, living, feeling uninhibited wonder, shouting from the heavens with happiness. We see the new path, a new springtime blooming in the fullness of this holy garden. Life Lives Its unfolding Love right here, as you and me. Life does not harm Itself. We are This Light of Life and We are It’s Eternal Child playing, loving, dancing, adventuring, exploring the soft green hills, the sweet winds, feeling our bare feet in the icy stream, watching the water sparkle under the bright warm sunshine and blue sky, as little birds sing on the morning of this day. We smile and rest laying together in the shade of the trees in the summer time of our very own Home. Our Home, the Identity we are, this One Being, this Infinite Life we are. Home as this Love that Lives the Light of Knowing, Knowing the Child we are.


  1. 3-28-2020

    Sandy,-Yes, opening our eyes to a new day, thank you 💕

    ‘…feeling uninhibited wonder…’ & ‘…Eternal Child playing… ‘

    * * *

    Marrow of my bones
    presence of inner being
    I love only you.

    • 3-28-2020

      Yes, thank you – it is in the bones of us – yes, deep in the Real of our Self we find the It –

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