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I hear the melody of love. It is the song of Life. Life has no beginning and has no end. Life is the Living Intelligence of an Immeasurable Light. This song of myself is sailing on the magic stream that leads through the purple, lavender, rose pale hues, glimmering in this golden warmth of the heart. Laughter adrift, floating lightness dancing across the mind of eternal love. Writing lyrics to the music of my soul I’ll dot my i’s with bright yellow just for you. Little starry crowns of sunshine to twinkle angel light above you-


  1. 3-28-2020

    Sandy,- a beautiful melody, thank you 💕

    ‘This song of myself…’ & ‘…across the mind of eternal love.’

    * * *

    Clothed in floral dress
    her travels through the meadow

    • 3-28-2020

      love this image of the floral dress child in the meadow of joy – feeling the fresh air and light of the new day –

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