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Bright and sunny today. The rain soaked the garden and the birds are singing in the morning light. My heart is touched by this sweet simple moment of tender existence, this gentle awareness that is forever and always here, steady, honest and Real. There is no other place but here, wherever I am here goes with me. Even though people worry, fear, fight, get angry, offended, defensive, the fact remains, here is still here, untouched, steady and Real. The moment is always here, perfectly here. No amount of human intellect that disputes this fact, will change this fact. That is a fact. Reality is that this moment exists, present and untouched, pure, perfectly here, always here. We find the wholeness of our Self here, knowing and feeling this Supernal Presence of this Immutable Unbound Beauty we are. I feel the icy cold breeze as I watch the big white clouds moving above me. The grass so vibrant green, wet and glistening in the sun, all of Life effortlessly here. Nothing humans do can stop this moment, this Presence, this awareness from being. Mmmm yes, this unbound joy of my heart is here. We are Love and we Live this Love we are. The Identity of us, the Child or soul of us is the Light beyond light already.


  1. 3-18-2020

    ‘…this sweet simple moment of tender existence…’  &  ‘…all of Life effortlessly here.’

    Sandy, thank you, 💕

    *   *   *

    Every moment awakened

    A nest in which to lay an egg,
    an acorn to fall from a tree,
    fieldmice climbing over hay bales stacked in a barn,
    rabbit blue-eyes surveying over the grass,
    mole scampers pink hands to dig a hole,
    bee fills her pockets gold dust —
    a gift from the flowers,
    grass snake rests in the shade of an oak,
    a woodpecker hammers away, and
    people have gone for a walk in the meadow. 

    • 3-18-2020

      Joyful Light of the Child shining bright – let it shine – that others might recognize their own Inner Infinite Beauty of God that Lights us all –