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Now that all travel has been restricted, here is a good thing to know. You do not have to travel so far to find yourself. This grand simplicity of childlikeness is right here in the very heart of you. We take our defenses down and open our self to be alive to Life. We find it right here, we find the clarity that knows this living Light of Life itself is ourself. This transcendent balance of the Child takes us straight to the point in the middle. The Child is like a steady fulcrum, it does not go left or right, it remains here in the center, while yet transcending both sides. Here we find ourself to be solid, steady, agile, easy, illumined and understanding. Here at this third position between the opposites, we see our world in a new Light revealing heaven on earth, and all fear falls away. The Child lives in the meadow of fresh wonders, springtime green and wild flowers dotting the hills with infinite colors. Here, right here, we don’t have to go anywhere. We can play under the shade trees in the fresh air of infinite delights – where being is seeing. This I know, it proves itself to me as I live it. We discover we have a divine heart of gold, glimmering here as the whole totality of this Infinite, wild wondrous love we are.


  1. 3-18-2020

    Hi Sandy, 

    So delicate— 

    ‘…open our self to be alive to Life.’  &  ‘…in the meadow of fresh wonders, springtime green, and wildflowers’.  

    Thank you, 💕

    *   *  *

    The underlying feeling 
    Through the window
    into the light of the morning,
    he watches the sun dressed in orange
    rising from the behind the hills
    and in the grass, beautiful flowers,
    at that moment
    respond to her kindness—
    open their petals in
    a knowing smile.   

    • 3-18-2020

      Flowing from the Heart of you, the Divine Delight of the Child’s happy smile – thank you for the gifts of Knowing who you are – 💕

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