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Beach Day-Sailing by Sandy Jones

Life is not something we have, Life is being all that is. We do not experience Life, Life is experiencing Itself as you and me. This experience is being who and what we are, experience is the action of Life. Life is Total and All, Isness being Self-aware. Our daily experience is not at all what our limited conditioned sense of being thinks it is. Life is so much greater than could ever be imagined. But to see this Wonder and Expansive Light of our Self, requires us to let go the old limited idea that Life is within us. We rediscover our unconditioned Self and awaken to see first hand that we exist because we are Life. Realization of our Infinite and unbound Identity is above all comparison. From this clarity of knowing who we are, we become fearless, because we know that Life is being Always Here, always Now and Always this Identity we are. The freedom of this perfectly divine experience enables us to Live fully from this new found lightness of our Heart. Feeling, knowing and living in this spacious joy and expansive love we begin to come alive again. We are free, alive and blooming in the meadow, letting go the binds and strings, to rise up into the freedom of our very own infinite and ever present experiencing of this unfathomable, joyous Mystery


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