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From this single point of our Self, we include all points of view. We see the beauty of this tangible world of matter and it’s ephemeral, ever-changing nature – and the Intangible, subjective changeless Isness of Life. We are a point of Light Seeing both sides, all at at once. This is the third position, seeing Life from a mystical and visionary third eye or “I” of ourself. This is the View that the Child Lives, right here in the world. The pristine Selfhood lives as a combination of duality and non-duality, without dogma or rhetoric, but as a balanced Way of seeing and being. The Child arrives out of the alchemy of Love that takes place in this crucible of our Heart. Here, where our sense of Faith resounds in happiness and is put to the test and Lived. We see the Light of Truth that is beyond intellect, but certainly includes the intellect and all it’s logic and reason. Yet, It is greater – this is Living the Faith wherein we find ourself free from both sides, transcending the two while not leaving either of them, but embracing both. And glory be, living from our Real Identity, from this carefree Soul, slowly, imperceptibly our reliance on external authority gives way to the Light of Life within ourselves, and we quarrel no longer with anyone, we are truly unbound and free.

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  1. 2-8-2020

    Hi Sandy, thank you,-

    ‘We are a point of Light Seeing both sides, all at once.’ 💕

    * * *

    In Truth

    The perfect witness to the discovery,-
    see it in her eyes
    divided yet a single point of light-
    divine is the joy that shines in golden certainty
    and home is both sides of the border
    dark and light
    have risen to life
    like the gladness of feeling
    a winter-fresh-and-summer-breeze—
    I do believe you understand
    the presence of serenity.