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There it was, the pure light of inspiration. And then the daring innocencent delight of the child grabbed my hand. We ran with this joyful freedom. We ran away. This rhapsody of Life touches the very nature of this child with its playful beauty, unleashed to feel the happy thrills of the unknown. Here I am again, to run, to run with my beautiful soul, leaping untethered as my gleeful heart is let loose to ride the thundering power through the wild open prairie of freedom. Run like the wind it says to me, run. My elated spirit set free by this victorious love that feels the unbound ecstasy as I am released to run, run free, run away – far far way – Oh how very beautiful this Unbound Soul of Joy we are.


  1. 1-3-2020

    With your words, we weave gently downstream to ourselves, thank you, Sandy. 💕


    Wide sky overhead

    Seated high on a horse,
    the adventurer
    through the prairie go
    the seasons’
    life-long river flow.

    • 1-3-2020

      Yes, exactly – we ride with the freedom of this joyful ever-flowing river of Life –