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Joy | Painting by Sandy Jones

The Child is the open window to a new world. We see it all like a glorious flower garden in the Spring. The Child brings a new Light to this world, a Light of Love. When we understand ourself to be this Light Divine, to be this Awareness, and Live It, right here in our Heart, we will know we have found the Holy Child. The Child is the Living Light of Something that Always was and Always will be. Life is this Awareness that is with us wherever we go. Knowing that we are this Living Presence of Awareness, this Unbound freedom, this Infinite Mind, the Wonder of Identity, we become willing, open, curious, honest, playful and carefree. As the Child, we are flying untethered, letting the wild currents of life take us, willing and fearless, open, vulnerable, we become real and alive. Life is so very beautiful when we live again as the Child we are. Like little kids playing on a summer day, we open our arms to the changing breeze, twirling, spinning around, our hair tangled by the wind, the joy of our heart lifted, rising with the holy breath of the divine wonder we feel. Like magic, this effortless love opens us up to Life and all kinds of happy surprises show up. Yes, they do

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  1. 1-7-2020

    Thank you, Sandy, ‘Happy surprises’, like being lost in a forest, and suddenly out into a clearing reveals you had gone in a circle back to where you started. 💕



    Gathers flowers no more,
    she saw the meadow without them.