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Oh what a wonderful world. It is filled with plenty. It’s magic beaming through everything. A full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer telling us that this world of ours is the living Invisible Intelligence of God. The Abundance of God is being seen, known, lived, experienced as this Universe Entire. There is an Unseen Holy Light which is the Knowing of All Things seen and unseen. This everyday, measurable light is an ongoing stream of infinite information. There is no scarcity here or anywhere. This world is the bountiful, profuse, unending rhapsody of this Invisible Presence. All things manifest from this Infinite Unknowable Illimitable Light. Joy to the world. Bounty and abundance is the very nature of this Holy Light. The happiness is uncontainable, spilling out and over the edges with my Love for this gift you led me to find for myself. Yes, you were right, this knowing knows all It needs to know. Now everything is seen through the endless beauty of our own sacred heart. It’s beauty is fearless, innocent trust, exposed, raw, giving and receiving – and that is it’s strength. All things existing as the effortless, ongoing bounty and beauty of this sacred Love, the Light we are.


  1. 1-11-2020

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you. 💕 I am reminded of those times as a teenager I used to visit my aunt who lived in a little house by a small pond in the countryside (always a welcome break from the stress of living in London) sometimes I would go out at night to sit by the pond and not thinking about much at all and suddenly and because it was so dark somehow instead of seeing with my eyes I could feel the quiet of the moon and the trees and the water as though all was held in the heart and simply resting in an ever-expanding gratitude for that and only that eternal moment.

    • 1-11-2020

      That’s it, that is IT – it is as sweet and easy and holy at That. And yes, it is right there always in our heart -The Holy Child’s Heart of Knowing, here with us always – thank you for sharing this – I am happy my words brought back that beautiful memory – reminding us that this Wonder and Beauty is who we are, always – It never leaves us and It is the Way, the Tao, the Living Light of the eternal Love we are. ❤️