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When we fall in love with ourself, we fall in love with the whole world. Our inspiration, daring, creativity, and intelligence is lit by the fire of this love. This flame of love within us, is sparked as we realize we are, in fact, the Living Light of the Supernal Isness. And thus, we cannot ever be anything other than This. We look around and see love in our own reflections as all those we love. We find that harmonious place within us – and that makes everything around us a million times easier to understand. Now in laughter and Wisdom, having made our very own journey back to our Self, we can understand why all the commotion in our world – and so, we let it be, let it be. We know now, it’s all the magical mystery trip that serves as our guidance Home, back to our Self, our Heart. The reasons for it all and the wonders of it all become very clear. This understanding brings us peace. We are not afraid to delight in the magic, knowing our heart lives in relationship to all life. Giving and receiving flows naturally. We are in tune with the song life – we are the dance of the Holy Trinity enjoying this joyous world of our glorious, Real Self – always.


  1. 1-18-2020

    Thank you, Sandy, ‘…knowing our heart lives in relationship to all life. Giving and receiving flows naturally.’ 💕

    * * *

    Springtime Heart

    The songs of birds
    busy building their nests
    and the meadow burst into bloom
    free as the breeze
    in the cobalt blue of the sky
    sweet-scented with the fruit of the nutmeg tree
    over the rugged wildness
    of canyon and mountain peak
    the power and beauty of
    the heart of life’s fresh-day
    springtime making your way through
    the most telling of landscapes
    outspread before you
    an ancient acquaintance.

    • 1-18-2020

      I love the poems you share here – delighted that my words can inspire you – that’s really wonderful – thank you too –