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How can anyone believe this Universe came from nothing?! Clearly there is Something that Is and Always Was. There is Only Is, being What Is. It’s an Incomprehensible, Something Immutable, Something being This Isness That obviously Is. I realize that Something that Always Is, is beyond our logical way of thinking, and that’s what makes It Real. It is an undeniable Fact and we are Living It. We are Living Something Awesomely Impossible and yet It is. This, right here, Is Isness being All That Is, which means there is nothing outside of this Timeless Infinite Presence that Always Is What Is. And It obviously includes this Self-Knowing Awareness of You and Me. Well, anyway, this image taken via Hubble is the cosmic “ice sculptures” of the Carina Nebula. Scientists are still trying to explain the beautiful spires. I don’t think our reasonable, logical limited precepts can explain anything much about anything at all. That means we just feel It, experience It, we are in touch with It at all times, we Live It, It is the Living Isness of us. My Joy is to Leap into the depth of My Amazing Self, knowing the only ‘answer’ to this Existence is that It All arises somehow out of an Impossible THAT Which Always Was and hence It Just Is. We are and always will be a part of this Timeless, Immeasurable, Living Wonder and Intelligence of Love. We are the Light of this Infinite Love. Always, my love –


  1. 1-9-2020

    The Universe came from nothing, and if that were true,-‘We are Living Something Awesomely Impossible, and yet It is’, and who then could deny it would take the presence of supreme intelligence to make it so. 💕

    • 1-9-2020

      Yes dear Lewis, how amazing this whole wild journey of Being Is – Life is beautiful and I just love it – and thank you for your very lovely comments around here – I do appreciate YOU and them so much — love 💕