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Then one day we find ourself living this beauty and delight when we discover that Awareness is God’s, not man’s. It is the discovery of the real Identity, which leads us back to the Child. As the Child, we live in the sweet freedom from fear. We live from our Heart, open to this ever wondrous, ongoing, peace and balance that this revelation about Identity and Awareness brings. Then, the very action of our liberation and balance will work its magic in our affairs again. In the pure innocent, easy feeling of this Child we are, we let it lead us. And we are given the means and courage to pass our revelations along to others. Living this divine circle of Love, the Equation of giving and receiving, knowing the inside and the outside are one, our world is lifted up. The Child senses are sharp and perceptive, and cannot be fooled. We hold this grand awareness close to our Heart because, in Truth, it is the Heart. We love this love we find ourself to be, though it is raw and sensitive in the face of the world, It’s defenselessness is its strength.


  1. 1-6-2020

    Greetings Sandy

    Wonderful words that flow from the heart …
    Words of revelation – ‘for those who has eyes and see’

    “… Awareness is God’s…”

    ‘What would a wise man say –
    Love on a lovely day ? ‘
    … lyrics from one of my 1969 songs.


    • 1-6-2020

      Thank you Walt – and Yes, perfect Love on a lovely day –