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Thank you, my love – this whole incredible, sublime, holy world of mine, just amazes me. There is nothing but magic and wonder about the entire experience of being. There is so much love, so much love in and as everything. In this freedom we love it all. All of it is here, every bit of it perfect – because it is suppose to be just like this. Life – how very extraordinary to discover, uncover the holiness in all things. All of it, magical tricks and mirrors, all of it, reflections shining the light on our Self. Inside and outside are one Self. Out there is the mirror of who we are. The other guy is us. Oh the joy of this. Love is the freedom to discover that all of it is leading us back to our Self. Thank you for this Light of Self discovery and the sweet uninhibited laughter, the fresh new vistas, when we see, really see it all, so absolutely clear and bright. Oh yes, I love you – when we know and know we know- we truly are free


  1. 1-17-2020

    Thank you, Sandyโ€” ‘…all of it, reflections shining the light on our Self.’


    Mirror of Memory

    The distant sound of a church bell,
    it is not too late, go back now:
    remember; as a child, playing
    in the schoolyard, and the teacher
    rings the school bell, home time;
    here I am, mom!


    • 1-17-2020

      That’s It, exactly It – yes, yes – how very simple and beautiful the Child, the Real of us, the Truth, the Way, right here and now, we Live this feeling, this heart of us, the Unbound Joy, once again – thanks Lewis – I love this – ๐Ÿ’•