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Some say there is no time and that is true, when seeing from the highest peak of this Holy Mountain of Life. But, we are not always standing atop that high place. So, we bring the vision of the Timeless down into the world, here, where there is time, this sweet, sweet magical journey of time. Such wonder this living sense of time is. It is an aspect of the Infinite All. We are Love’s experience of Itself. We are sparkling light, twinkling reflections of Love’s radiance dancing over the depth of Infinite Timeless Unseen Light. This world is some kind of holy magic and we get to experience our boundless Beauty by way of this semblance called time. To see from this grand vision, my heart is touched by the splendor, the wonder and joy of Life. We really have no idea what time it is. Whatever time it is, it is a good time. Even the most difficult of times contain a heavenly and divine gift, lifting us up to see the vast, ever expanding, never completed, Mystery of Love. We are the limitless, boundless Universe on an amazing trip through the starry galaxies of our own Immeasurable Omniactive evidence. You are the divine adventure. We’ll let the winds of this wild Beauty of Life catch us and lift us up to take us flying and exploring the Infinite All of This Life, this Splendorous Self we are.


  1. 1-1-2020

    Thank you, Sandy.


    King of birds

    Like an eagle soar
    ever higher
    behold the kingdom of life
    a wondrous time to explore.

    • 1-1-2020

      How wonderful that my writing evokes your own heart to delight and express the Wonder in you – <3