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Here, in the soft beauty of Christmas Eve, the old clock chimes, with logs burning warm in the fireplace. The little Christmas tree is lit with colorful lights, shining, glittering with love. The starry sparkles delight the eyes. Everything speaks to the Joy of the Spirit. We are on a path, like the string of tiny lights, winding their way to the top of the evergreen tree, up to the star above. Each light beckoning with bright glow, taking us along the trail that leads our way home. It’s the star of Bethlehem, the North star, the guiding Light, this divine Intelligence within each of us. This Immeasurable Light is always here, everywhere, in everything. Bundled warm, we go outside into the cold air to look up at the deep dark of the night sky on which all the stars are set glimmering in sublime and heavenly mystery. And Life will temper us. What a wonderful word that is. Our heart has been opened, we have been tempered, softened, limbered, melted, calmed, made pliable by ways of this Living Presence. As we live, as we learn, we become willing to let go, to be giving, willing and supple, yielding to this Living Flame of Love. A flame, ancient and eternal, this Light of a thousand billion years ago, still here and now. We can enjoy the romance of the fire’s golden reflections dancing around the room. And the candleโ€™s glow heralds a song of joy, and love, wonder, peace and beauty – this is it – it is the Living Light, the Unknowable Essentia of all things.


  1. 12-25-2019

    To start the day by the light of your words is truly a delight โ€” ‘burning warm in the fireplace’,- Sandy, thank you. ๐Ÿ’•

    • 12-28-2019

      That’s very lovely, thank you Lewis. I’m happy to know this. Or like the old Christmas song goes, that my words can bring you glad tidings of comfort and joy – ๐Ÿ’•