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Life is a profoundly impossible thing. There is no logic or reason how Existence can exist – but, it does. It is something Real that has always been, and even stranger, It would not exist if we were not here being the experience of It’s Existence. It’s not beyond you, It is you. I feel this glorious wonder moving me, filling me with Joy. Knowing it, right up close, living Life and knowing we exist as one infinite phenomenon, one inexplicable noumenon, an inseparable holy One. We see the Incomprehensible Beauty and Mystery, and all the fear evaporates. When the two become one, here in our heart, fear vanishes and the presence of Love is experienced fully as you and me and Life Itself. Nothing but This would set us free. My soul feels like a galloping pony skipping and jumping across the wide open pasture. My joy is irrepressible. The Divine Imprint moves us with this desire, wanting, longing, seeking to understand who we are. Then, we find It, and we claim our Divine Birthright, our True Heritage. It’s all here, in the Original blueprint, set to push out and up, to reach for the Light. Each of us divinely timed to bloom into the beauty and wholeness of ourself. It’s in our nature, programmed into the sacred seed of us. Then, one day, we come alive with the fullness of our Real Identity and we blossom and bloom with fruitful joy, because we cannot do less than to be all that we are meant to be.


  1. 12-29-2019

    Thank you, Sandy 🌹


    Lovers of Nature

    Each summer, a company of withered souls returns from the land of dark wanderings to be greeted by a kaleidoscope of butterflies, and into a flowered-meadow, once again: blossoming lovers of nature.

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      That’s beautiful –