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The rain stopped for awhile. I walked into town this morning, breathing the sweet, fresh air of this sparkling moment. So much light glimmering everywhere. Quantum scientists tell us our eyes are filled with a Light that is so black, so all inclusive that It cannot be seen. But, most amazing, this Unseen Light is the Light of the entire Universe, and it’s in our eyes. Think about that, the Universe is Infinite. Infinite means there is nothing outside of Totality, This Infinite Light of Totality is in our eyes, right now. The glorious beauty of the day that sparkles with the light we see, which is the limited, measurable light, is seen because the Unseen Light is in our eyes, and It is everywhere at once. It’s being you and me, this One Same Light, In my eyes is the same Light in your eyes. We are timeless Infinite Beauty, being all that we see. The twinkling shimmering light in the flickering glimmering yellow leaves, was also lighting my heart with it’s magical golden splendor. It’s All here, bright and lovely, because of this Immeasurable Unseen Light. It is a Light that has no source, therefore It always was and forever will be. It is All That Is. It is the Light Eternal of you and me, right here, right now and always.


  1. 12-9-2019

    “… the Universe is Infinite. Infinite means there is nothing outside of Totality, …”
    “… the Unseen Light is in our eyes,…”

    Hi Sandy,
    Nice journaling!
    I often join in your ‘visionary’ journeys – like communing with a dear friend.
    Journaling is an art,
    a comfort,
    and anchors one in sanity
    if done conscientiously, attentively
    – as urged and explained by William Samuel and exemplified by J. Krishnamurti in his journals.
    Regarding the universe, it might be said that it is merely a reflection within the Infinite and the Infinite, which is Totality and No-thing-ness itself is self-contained and can have no outside … all enveloping – but words fail because every word implies its opposite as a possibility; but the Infinite, the Ineffable does not admit to an opposite.
    The mind/thought is always polarized and thus limited within its conceptual confines.

    Sorry for so many words; just had an urge to share and the conditioned mind responded – and I watched it as a father or mother watches its toddling child.


    • 12-9-2019

      You know, for me all the opposites are delightful, and serve a most important purpose. The is not anything out of What Is – because It, the Ineffable Really is Total, so that means it includes it all, this, that and those – Every aspect of Isness belongs here if it is here in our life – which means to me, it obviously includes ‘what is not and never was’ – amazing – The Child knows which is which and so the Child does not try to eliminate any of it – The Child is that Balanced Freedom – the Joy to write and write some more when we are moved to, when the enthusiasm is lit up. How wonderful to feel the Fire of Love flowing in your words – I thank you so very much for all of this – It is my Joy as well.