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I love the fact that words are an infinite supply, instantly available to us, they cost nothing and they don’t ask anything of us. We can use them any way we like, for better or for worse. Much like music, this endless source sits at the right hand of God. Words are powerful. I want to string them like jewels, radiant gems that might open the heart to higher visions where the whole entirety of our own marvelous expanse comes into view. I think words can touch the heart and set our mind free to fly and soar with the Joy of knowing this Holy Trip is all about you and it’s all yours. We are here to Live fully and fearlessly, opening our Heart to the Unending Beauty of Life’s ongoing Divine Symphony. We are timeless and Real. Enamored, we bare our Heart, open, letting, feeling Life’s sway and movement as we let It take us. Held by this Living River, this unending Divine Adventure, feeling It’s sweet bliss as we live in holy communion, giving, trusting and adoring the marvel of Life’s divine Totality holding us. We are flowing with this Love, sweet and easy, immersed in the Source of our own Living Glorious Identity. This Unknowable Isness IS Life Itself. We are Its Living Experience. Life is unbound, ungovernable, free from time and matter, while yet, It’s Presence is right here, being the very Life of you and me and All That Is.

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  1. 10-28-2019

    _ Thoughts in many forms – one of them being words, which are symbols of symbols
    _ a manifestation of form as intellect, which can point to the formless …
    _ but cannot comprehend the formless.

    Hi, Sandy – you have touched on the subject that occupies the attention of most people in a distracting/binding and limiting way.

    “Touching the heart” as you put it, is where freedom from the word begins.
    It is inexplicable, arresting and freeing …