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The Soul, the eternal Light, the particle and the wave. Waves are fun, the joy of Love. Particles are informative, Inteligence. We are the enchanting beauty of Life. We are the experience of wholeness, the divine paradox, all and only, both at once. The wonders of Love are illimitable, always ours, intimate and real, yet this Love cannot be possessed. Without doubt, it’s true, It proves Itself to me each moment of everyday. Reality Lives as this unfolding Love we are, the limitless, omniscient Child Heart of you and me. Like a photon, seen and unseen, ours and not ours, real and not real – all at once. How can that be? But it is. The Child livest the balance of both. This Ineffable, the Eternal, the Mountain Beyond Name is beyond all this, and at the same time, being all this, right here, right now, experienced as all that you are, this Beauty being you- and that is easy to see –


  1. 9-21-2019

    We see in her wave how she informs us of her joy, dear Sandy, how enchanted we are by the use of your wordsโ€” The wonders of Love are illimitable ๐Ÿ’•

    • 9-21-2019

      That’s it – yes, she waves with joy -and the wonders of this Living Love -๐Ÿ’•