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Joy | Painting by Sandy Jones

That divine pleasure, feeling the sublime beauty of Life comes along for no reason other than the wondrous fact that we exist. The morning sunshine came through the window and awakened me gently this morning. The cool air wafting over me with sweet peace and I realized we are this Light of Omniscience itself. In that twinkling moment, I saw that our Omniscience is not “out there” but Omniscience is being our Identity. We don’t have to find anything out there, we don’t have to do anything to get this Light. We realize this Omniscience is being All that we are. Yes, magical. Even when we don’t realize it, It remains true . This Supernal Isness does not ask anything of us, we get to simply enjoy being the Splendor we are. Be open and leap into the Wonders and live what you trust within your own Heart. Then you’ll see for yourself.  You, just the way you are, you, dear adorable you, you are the Light of this Living Omniscience, no other than you. This Light of Self-discovery blooms in illumination and insight, a fragile, fragrant, flowery display of beauty and love divine. We feel the sparks of enthusiasm and happy zest, full of loving laughter and youthful delight flooding through us. We blossom as the Heart opens to this simple Love that we are, our true Identity, revealed.


  1. 9-19-2019

    Such a gorgeous painting, thank you, dear Sandy, and how lovely the little yellow flowers in the yellow vase stars come down reminders— the garden ever-present light. 💕


    As we walk past an unnoticed garden we are lost in thought suddenly the air full with a particular fragrance, we turnaround to locate the source and find in all its sunlit beauty the flower and at that timeless moment we are transported beyond flower and scent now noticed,-Love,-All in all — grace and glory — the garden aware itself.

    • 9-19-2019

      The garden of Ever-Present Light – I like that – and it is full of Light- all things are Light, the Light of Life the very essence of who we are – yes, it is amazing and that God is the Living Beauty being the flowery scent and all the colors that bloom – the garden is fully aware – living the glimmering joy of this Love being All That Is –