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I came across this darling image in my files, I’ve always really liked it. But somehow, today it reminded me of how I feel when I attempt to listen to the news. The dominate media appears to be taking the position of the all knowing authorities who are in control, keeping us posted on the truth of the situation out there in the world. When in fact they’re living under the influence of their own clouded, unconscious and delusional power trips. Through their exploitive lack of honesty they are promoting nothing but fear. And I am not buying one word of it. I will continue to trust this Heart of mine, it knows the Way. How beautiful this Light of the Child is. Following Its leadings rather than the world’s, I am always led by this pure Light of honesty straight to the Living Beauty of Balance and Love.


  1. 9-24-2019

    Nicely put Sandy! A wake up call.

    Honesty the “open sesame” to reality.

    • 9-25-2019

      Thanks you Walt- All I know for sure is that without the Honesty of our own Soul, we are easily mis-lead. This Honest Heart is within us all and when we find It and Live by It’s fearless strength, we stay balanced and agile through all the shenanigans of the despots. And yes, with the Honesty Heart, Reality becomes very clear.

  2. 9-24-2019

    I have taken your words, dear Sandy and, in true media-fashion rearranged them to give a distorted version of what you originally wrote—

    The media are keeping us posted on the truth of the situation out there in the world. I’ve always really liked their honesty. They are promoting nothing but Balance and Love, and following its leadings, I will continue to listen to the news and, trust the media, it knows the Way. Today they are the pure Light of beauty.

    • 9-25-2019

      Well Lewis, I guess who ever they are, they too will find this Honest Way of the Child within – One by one, each in his own time – this life time or another. But I also know that all the dishonesty is pushing us to find Reality and find the Truth. All the corruption is showing us what is Real, what Honesty is, and exactly what Is True. Seeing clearly what is Not Real, tell us, in a contrary way to find what IS Real. Too seek to know Reality – The blatant display of dishonesty is unintentionally bringing us back to the Truth of ourself, getting us to trust in ourself, and the Truth we are. “What Is Not” just might lead to the Light of What Is. I suspect such blatant deception might inadvertently be doing the Divine work of revealing Reality. 😊