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Is everything predestined? I don’t think so. I think perhaps the eventual goal is predestined. But that’s in infinite time, and that could be a timeless long time from here and now. We have an internal clock that is moving toward that goal of Something Divine. But, while we are here, in this tangible body-time experience of Life, we do have choice, we do have free will. We do get to choose which of the infinite possibilities we move toward. We can choose to Live fully, totally open and in love with Life, even despite our situations. Or we can play the victim of this labyrinth of human fate. Life is a whirring spiral of Love, going up and going down. I will choose to ride the spiral upward. It is my choice to catch the Unbound Joy of Love that rises higher. I’ll take hold this Holy Spirit within me, move up with it, see where it goes. I’ll choose to live fully, wholly with my heart wide open, and feel the bumps and sharp, sudden turns along the way. I choose happiness. Like a little kid, I will keep my heart full of this fearless freedom, dancing with Life, in love with this Infinite Presence that is being all that I am. I will choose the freedom to move upward on this spiraling, whirling power of Love.


  1. 9-21-2019

    Thank you, dear Sandy.

    Seen together then, all is well and one. We awaken to life new leaves upon the tree and, flowers give color to the fields and birds on sunbeams through the open sky, the people everywhere choose to sing along,-returns again, the joy in their heart— now the world brighter lit than a summers country lane.

    • 9-21-2019

      oh you sing it beautifully – yes- and to live with eyes looking upward – that is the Way the Child takes us. and the world is changed, drenched in the Light of Understanding – Full of joy and color and love – đŸ’• Thank you dear Lewis –