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One day, it all comes together in this alchemy of honesty and love. Here, simply being our Self, our true, unencumbered, fearless Self, we begin to live the innate Beauty we are. This Beauty is made of divine freedom, freedom from the erroneous beliefs foisted on us in this temporal world experience. The divine freedom arrives with the discovery of our Eternal Soul, the Self we have forever been. Remember back to being a little child. Start at the beginning. Begin again, recall the playful delights, the imaginary games, the joyful, pristine child you were from the beginning. That child is your divine Identity. Your divine Identity comes from the Light and It is free, fearless, bright and joyful. This child knows what Love is, and Lives It. Love is Light, and the Light we are is Everlasting. This is the Holy Child, the Pristine Heart of you and me, our Identity from the beginning, the one that remains forever unharmed. This Innocent Soul does not need healing. It is the Everlasting Light of yourself, alive with perfect Love, right here, right now. Feel the sweet laughter of this joyful freedom as the Child leads you back to recognize your own individual, genuine, familiar, unbound Beauty. Clearly this is the Way of Tao – and It is absolutely Real and evident to those who find It and Live It.


  1. 9-9-2019

    Dear Sandy, your words are always surprising and yet so familiar is the feeling arising from the way you present them here, thank you, 💕

    ‘One day, it all comes together.’ —

    Just as your vibrant flowers are seen individual and the bouquet as a whole.

    Anything made from parts is liable (sooner or later) to fall apart not so the Living Wholeness without actual separation— ‘that remains forever unharmed.’

    ‘This is the Holy Child, the Pristine Heart of you and me, our Identity from the beginning.’ —

    Wow! The words from books upon books contained within a single line.


    The joy of the Child,
    as expressed by seeing
    the flower in bloom.

    • 9-9-2019

      Lewis, your comments are so lovely to see here – I am happy that you are enjoying my words and getting so much out of them. My intent, all along, was to keep my writing out of the arena of the intellect and go straight of the Heart. Well, I seem to have accomplished this with a few out there, now including you. I felt that there was an over saturation of spiritual instructions. There is nothing about this Child we are, this uninhibited Delight of Self Knowing. I wanted to avoid any words that even leaned in the intellectual direction so that my words might touch and open the Heart and take the reader into the Meadow with me – The Meadow is simply the sweet whipped cream on top of all this marvelous Love that continues to unfold as i go along. Thank you for the love – the sweet wonders of this Magic never cease – 💕