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Betwixt and between matter and spirit, time and the Timeless Isness, we find the Child, the Soul within us. The Child is the harmonious balance, agile, open to Life, and able to live, pristine and fearless in the world. The Holy Child within holds the hand of the Living Light of Intelligence. it brings us a deep and stable Joy, an equanimity not subject to the events of this world. Light is here and everywhere at once. Light is in-forming and being all things, all form. And this Light isn’t any less now than ever it was. It’s rather beautiful, realizing how Light is not subject to time -and this Light is the Life of you and me. It’s always the same Light, an ageless Light, transcending time. It is the same Light today as the Light of yesterday. A thousand years, ten thousand years go by and the Light remains unchanged, always present, always our Identity. And all the colors come from the Light. Here we are, we are this world of Light that is always here. Playing in the never ending magic of pink and red and orange and green and yellow and blue. The Light is the soulful magic of you. Yes, I am dazzled – and yes, I am in love. Who wouldn’t be? Seeing the holy wonders of this process that is immediate and forever uninterrupted.


  1. 9-12-2019

    Dear Sandy, thank you. Your words are the remembrance of perceiving through childlike eyes.

    The wonder glows in Noah’s Ark, the child guides the journey over the world in a rainbow and, that magical light we all know glistens the proof to show. 💕

    • 9-12-2019

      Life in wonderland – and to me, it really is wonderland – William Samuel spoke of quantum physics quite a lot – Reality Itself, this world right here is wonderland right here -and Bill explained, in very simple terms, that there is a Light that is Immeasurable, Zero Point Light- a Light that we can’t see, but it is here, in our eyes too -here, like an invisible Light that is made of Pure Intelligence, it is the Light that “in-forms’ the world. Divine Knowing, Brilliant Ideas made manifest- I find it fascinating and wondrous and it always brings to right here, seeing that Life is That Infinite Light of Information, seeing and seen, as this world that appears to be tangible matter moving along in time. And we are Not the body, not the form – We are the Light of The Living Light. The childlike heart of us can understand these things and then the story of Noah’s Ark becomes a joyous fairytale of treachery and wild adventures and love – all that opens our eyes to the living Beauty of mystery and metaphor, exploring the this Divine experience of being.