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i love when the gods of wonder take me flying into the sweet mystery. We are catching our own reflections as we sail upon this infinite sea of love. Here, spinning with the distant sparkle that twinkles its ever-present light a thousand years from now, a thousand years of forever. I see it shine a million times bright as this eternal love dazzles in my eyes. Lucky stars, beloved ones, here, within my heart. This entire boundless cosmic beauty is the very life of you and me. Brilliant, lofty, this noble wonder and mystery that gleams beyond the stars while it lives here always in my heart. Flying through the cosmic midnight sky, laughing with delight at how many stars we scatter as we soar. Let’s watch the illuminated heavens explode into galaxies of dancing comets swirling with the rhythm of this thundering symphony of heavenly love songs.


  1. 9-21-2019

    Thank you, dear Sandy— boundless heart shines love eternal 💕

    • 9-22-2019

      I love your comments – I added your further insight to my Wave post – thank you ☺️

    • 9-22-2019

      Your Joy is clearly the expression of the Boundless Heart of you – you are finding the Child- I can see it, and it makes me so happy to know that little boy is busting out to fly so high –

  2. 9-23-2019

    I have to confess, at first, I was uncertain about where any of this would lead but, now, I let the words from your amazing book Barefoot at Heart and the articles you post here at this charming blog sink into my heart where they do their wonder-work and, all becomes clearer. Sandy, thank you so much for sharing all this.💕

    We know it well (expansive love of-for all) but, when it appears we seem not to pay much attention to it (I know I didn’t), perhaps, the glimpses are so fleeting but, as and if attention is placed there so, it grows more obvious— this world of us at heart comes alive and, we feel our own loving radiance as all we are.

    The way of the heart I feel is an easier and quicker ‘route’ home than that of all those systems and complicated ideas that seem if anything to keep you going in the ‘wrong’ direction further and further into the land of never-ending storytelling: this level isn’t it, I must get to the next, on and on ad infinitum. Go with your heart.

    • 9-23-2019

      Yes Lewis, go with the heart. It’s true, the closer we get to our own Heart, the clearer it all becomes. Then,in the twinkling of an eye, Here we are, right where we have never left. We are Home – always were. And you make me smile – really, because I doubt that even I would have ever read my stuff when I was on this search for Truth, for Reality. But, this is what I found, and it surprised me too. And It is Real. It is So Wonderful. So much better than wherever it was I’d ever thought I was going to find. Love is such a Joyful Gift and It is Always right Where we are, it is our own Heartfelt Self Knowing. Thanks Lewis – i am happy that I bring the Child and the Meadow into view for you – That’s all I can do. And as William Samuel said quite correctly: “You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.” 💕