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The nectarine tree in my garden – with bountiful fruit laden branches bowing to earth.

Unleashed ode to Joy this morning, feeling the unending measureless Light in my eyes, pouring in, pouring out. To see the fresh wonders of Love and the ongoing Newness of every moment of this Wild World of Passion and Beauty. When the intellect gets dazzled by the overwhelming Mystery that only the Heart can see, then all that has ever been called change -for the better or worse – is seen as sparkling Magical Perfection, the New Light of Love that is unbeholden to time and a past of accumulated causes. Now in the Glorious Joy of Seeing with new eyes – Now we are released, set free, living miracles, instantaneous Light is right here. We sing the Hallelujah Song and all kinds of bright experiences are the Way of our everyday ordinary has Now become extraordinary. Sweet You, sweet Life, dear Love and everlasting Light of Joy –  

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