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Strawberries | Painting by Sandy Jones
Artwork “Strawberries” by Sandy Jones

I am so often astounded by the extraordinary impossibility existence. Yet, it is simply undeniable; My world is me. That’s It. Here, here can’t be here without me. That is a fact. And this is where the Magic is. Which is exactly why I tell you of the Magical Beauty you are. Do you know the marvelous magic of you? You and your world are one, inseparable holy chalice of being. I know, it appears to be two, but come a little bit closer, come, come close, closer. Right now, just as you are, because you are. That’s it. Nothing more required. And I think you are so very beautiful. I do, you know I do. How very beautiful your happy smile. Here we are, Me and You, the Living of this Light, the Light of the World, imperishable and forever. Each of us, Me and You, the one and only one, being you and me. Yes, alone, one to one with the sacred infinity of who we are. You are ageless, timeless Light. This sets my heart on fire, sparking the flames that blaze with Love. Love does the work. I’m painting these visions of unfathomable Beauty, dreaming the color of roses, sweet pinks, red passions, overflowing tender bouquets of wild flowers dappled in the joyful yellow of unleashed happiness. All that, all of it blooming in the abundance of this sanguine joyful spirit of limitless Love.


  1. 7-31-2019

    When you write “… come a little bit closer, come, come close, closer.”,
    it brings to memory the third verse of Teresa Brewer’s song “Put another nickel in” — *Songwriters: Bernie Baum / Stephan Weiss.
    Verse 3
    My dear, come closer
    The nicest part of any melody
    Is when you’re dancing close to me

    • 7-31-2019

      Oooh sweet – I love this – I do feel like i am in tune with some wonderful song when I write. I am so happy you feel the spirit of music in your heart too – I’ll go listen to this Teresa Brewer song – thank you – it sounds like a wonderful song –