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This one, the balanced beauty, is the original, divine Selfhood, she is timeless, she is undying Life.
This heart of mine dances to the song of Love, dances in sublime rapture with this Light that makes all things new. This Light of ourself transcends time. We are the Way of Tao, Life Itself. This pure Light is the Soul of ourself, she opens the gates to the Meadow, a haven of gentle joy, right here, always here. Now, the commonplace becomes seen as wonder and magic that dances and dazzles, shimmers and shines its mysterious ways. In this new light, everything is beautiful.

This deep peace has uncapped a fountain of sunshine, feeling the sweet security flowing as supernal Love, filled with the holy laughter of Life. This that I am, is alive and real, the self of myself, moved by the untamable Love that says to me “Come, hold me close, I want to dance with you.”


  1. 7-6-2019

    With fewer words
    one delves deeper
    until … beyond words
    the ineffable is

    love sandy – walt

    • 7-8-2019

      Seems to be going in that direction, and a sweet direction it is –

  2. 7-9-2019

    Hi Sandy,
    On the blog preview listing screen it indicates 2 Comments for the “Dance” item.
    However when one clicks on it to see the entire text for “Dance” then it indicates that there are 0 comments. Now that I have made this comment it might change the numbers.

    • 7-9-2019

      One further thing I noticed is that the “Dance” text to which I made my original comment was partially different from the text shown now. The beginning paragraph, in particular, was different.

    • 7-9-2019

      My talents on computer programs are few. I think it will all work now. We shall see –

    • 7-9-2019

      I think we call it artistic license – or computer glitches – not sure which but the joi de vie is there -💕