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As the Good Fairy says, “You had it all along.” And so it’s true. It is right here, as you and me. It seems we go on a long trip to discover this, but we find what we were looking for was always right here. Though the long trip is necessary in order to know we are the one we were looking for. We journey afar in order to know we were always here and always home. Now we know there was never anything to change, there was never anything to fix and we were never lost. And theΒ Joy of Knowing and Knowing we Know, that’s the point, and the greatest delight. That’s the sweet piece that completes the whole puzzle. it seems the best thing to do, if you feel lost, is to know and to Love it all, including yourself, just the way you are, right where you are. It is good to know we are already being the individual expression of the divine Identity, just as we are. Trust Life and know it is so. Then enjoy Life, with your heart wide open to the sweet, fresh, boundless, fullness of yourself. Knowing your beauty is God’s Beauty, the Light of Life that is right here, just like this. We have never been outside of this Allness of God. No matter what road you take or how far away you think you have gone, this Living Light is always here. always being all that you are.


  1. 6-26-2019

    So so beautifully spoken and such relief!!!
    Funny this dance…kinda like looking for the necklace that never left your neck.
    Love love love……dancing to the rhythms of childlike innocence!

    • 6-27-2019

      And a lovely, sweet message to find here from you, this morning – that my words touched your heart with a heavenly sense of relief, there is nothing better than that, and dancing in the knowing that it’s right here all the while – Love πŸ’•