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Bath Flowers -Sandy Jones

I don’t know what to call it, LaoTse didn’t either. He chose to call it Tao. Ineffable works, but doesn’t quite have the sweet ring I am looking for. Calling it God causes too many complications. I would prefer not to call it anything if can help it, because there is no name it can be given. I remember Tom Sawyer’s advice to Becky Thatcher “Don’t explain no more ‘ n ya haf ‘ ta.”

What I do know, is that one day, with great joy and relief, we find the government of this Unknowable Something and we let go the need for the government of man and religion.
We find for ourself this Wonderful Ineffable Isness– and we realize it is so much greater than any human political system or religion can ever conjure up. This Ineffable Isness all that is, it is absolute and real and it shows us what love is. It guides us with an Intelligence that transcends the limited precepts we have been conditioned to accept as true. We find the real government of Something Nameless – and the government of man and religion loses its power. We change the inside and the outside will change, one by one, as we live it. The Light is here and available to us all. It is right here, within ourself. We find this inner gift of knowing something else, something besides, and something more. Here in our own heart we feel the seamless fusion between this Living Presence of Something Wonderful and our own extraordinary life experience in this world. We find freedom – the real freedom – freedom from fear. We are intimately involved in this sweet and solitary, one to one, love affair with this Holy Something. We become our own authority, we follow no one but our own true Self. We listen to our heart. We hear the song and we know what love is and we know what to do and how to do it


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    I love it Sandy!

    • 5-14-2019

      Thank you Walt – Yes, joy it is –