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It’s out of my hands, this effervescent enlightenment. Riding the waves on the sea of this Living Infinite Mind. I am the bubbling delight of Love’s defenseless Joy.  

There is neither a personal nor impersonal Identity. There is just Identity — the One—being all there is to the appearance of both the personal and the impersonal, ego and egoless self-knowing. Life-Awareness is being All of this, being all that we are. This realization is a grand and liberating insight, allowing our actions “here on the human scene” to fall naturally into place. This is the way of Tao, the Middle Way. Here is the freedom. We find ourself fearless and living from the Heart of this pure, unencumbered Original Soul, the Child we are. The Child lives as the third way of seeing and being, we find ourself acting from grace – free, natural, unbound, unworried, unhurried, without personal condemnation or guilt. This centered balance ends the struggle with concepts such as ego and egoless. From the transcendent, open, light-hearted view, we are both and neither personal or impersonal. Now there is no struggle to divide or conquer. We rise above it and find our wholeness. We do what appears the proper thing to do at the moment, without lingering thought for what propriety, society, education and indoctrination dictates. The childlike Soul lives from the fresh, moving, untamed, ongoing infinite flow of Life. From this Heart of Love comes an uninhibited and natural Intelligence. It is a soft and easy feeling. Seeing Life in this all inclusive vision we are set free. We are gently touched by the flow of grace. We are immersed in a peaceful feeling of being safe, right here in the world, just as it is. And this sweet, bubbling fountain of Love within is the everlasting Child we are.


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