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Seems to be a good idea to keep my heart wide open to this ongoing flow of life. It’s a changing landscape, a marvelous, sweet ebbing and flowing of the ten thousand things. Time and matter, pushing and pulling, beginnings and endings, coming and going, giving and taking. As it all changes, the only course of action, for me, is to move easy, graceful, strong and balanced. It’s all holy, every wondrous moment of this life. It’s holy from the edges of infinity to right here with my bare feet in the sand. My heart touches this illimitable love, the love that is the very life of myself. Love lives ever here, as this unfolding wonder of my own Infinity. Love is the light of life. I am filled with it’s beauty, it’s the presence of everything. And I feel it as this irrepressible joy streaming from the beams of heaven straight into my heart.


  1. 4-7-2019

    Sandy,_ You have a beautiful heart.
    ……_ Remember the song John Travolta sings to ‘Sandy’
    ……_ in the movie “Grease”?

    • 4-7-2019

      oh yes, and i love that – a fun favorite 😊 thank you Walt -💕