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Happy April – April Love

Pat Boone “Ironically, for a few million people in the Far East, I did become an English teacher through my music.” – Pat Boone – June 1st – Gemini – The teacher, teacher through the airwaves, broadcasting and communication.

And I, being a Sagittarius, tend to see things philosophically and expansively. Music innately speaks to me on many levels. The first level being that of the string theory, music of the spheres, communion and love. We are the living song of God’s heavenly artistry. The Celestial Symphony is the basis of all form, the nature of God being the Primary Principle experiencing Itself as matter, this life as the knowing of our own being. We are the living knowledge of this existence of an infinite Love Song, God’s song, a joyful sound, felt, known, experienced here as Life itself – Music, sound, vibrations, voice, rhythm, words, energy, intelligence, syncopation, communication., dance, beat, harmony, feelings. We are the ever ongoing blooming of an April Love – The sublime Reality and Living Mystery of an unseen Divine Principle, the Absolute Presence, the overtone that lives behind the words, touched and felt as the magic in the heart of knowing. The word of God, the sound, song, voice, music of the living language of God seen as this world, manifest as all things. This song being who we are, existing as this world we are. We are the one seeing and being seen through the Holy of Holies, living wonder Life itself as communication and love – We need nothing more than this but to know the ongoing perfection of who we are, and to delight in the living of It.


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    Aquarius ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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      Air sign Aquarius – Very nice Walt- you have lots of magic in your world. deep thinker, Highly intellectual, independent and very intuitive. likes to be alone. Has a brilliant imagination, seeing a world of possibilities even when there appears to be none. <3