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It rained all night, soft, gentle rain. This morning it is brisk and crispy cold. The blooming fruit trees are glistening against the bright blue sky. I inhale the beauty of the wet, sweet air filled with the heavenly scent of orange blossoms. The sparkling light shines its glory of colors, dancing in my eye, this ever changing mystery of beauty. My heart is ouched, open to the magic. This love is the very of me. This world I see – is my own infinite totality. Life is who we are. I am living the eternal love that always was, that always will be. I know there is no logic that can touch this beauty that is reveled to me. My educated intellect is stunned by the immediate glory that permeates me. I have fallen off the cliff and tumbled into perplexity, purity, wonder, into beauty, into love, into the infinity of my own being. How can it be?  All of it, right here, as I am, here, now, this deluge of heavenly sensation and peace pours over me. Full of delight, this childlike beauty is the wholeness of myself. Open to myself, open to love, to my world, I find the gentle bliss of life’s divine wonders. The Child takes me to the edge of my mind, and together we leap – and we ride upon the graceful wings of freedom and the swirling spinning laughter that fills the soul. This childlike heart takes me into the open, spacious light shining upon the infinite deep pool of holy waters that surround me. I am being swallowed in the embrace of a most charming mysterious lover. Enwrapped in this sublime joy I give my heart to this love. I let myself be taken, I wander into the wonderland of eternity that expands into this never-ending light.


  1. 3-21-2019

    Greetings young-girl-at-heart!
    You have been really ‘flying’ the last few days.
    May your landing be as joyous as your flight.
    p.s. whoever drew that “Girl in flower” picture provides a peek at the unity of Life.

    • 3-21-2019

      Awww, yes, I do feel like something lifted me off the ground and I am flying- I may be headed for a crash landing, but I know it will be soft landing, right here my heart – that’s a wild trip through the joyful exuberance of fresh adventures –