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It really is a magical kingdom. I am enchanted by this mystical heart we have all been given. I see it smile at science as it plays with theology, enjoying with curiosity and interest of it all. Then, this Heart leaps joyfully into the magic and undermines them both, as I hear the Laughter of God and songs of Love. The Child finds so much wonder in Life, sensing the fact that we exist as the Light and Presence of a Living Miracle. Here, in my heart, it all comes together in this alchemy of honesty and love. I find a simple beauty beyond the rationalist’s logical limits, outside reason and over the fences of indoctrination. This Child leaps out into the open spaces – and all I know, is that I’d be lost in this world without this childlike beauty that lives beyond the bounds of fear and quartered thinking. Here in my Heart abides this sweet peace of this Child and Its divine Balance that has found me. Love knows there is Something in the Heart of us, the soul of us, that is Real and Everlasting. It is Love and It is here, right now. It is fresh and alive, childlike and pure, light and free, fearless, bright and joyful. We are love and love never dies. It is light, and light is everlasting. It does help to remember the carefree joys of being a little child. As the poet Shelley said; “Let us recollect our sensations as children.” Yes, it happens as we open our Heart, feel our senses come alive. letting Life touch us again. The joyful innocence, tenderness and fearless wonder of this, that little girl I once was, she is here, still with me. I feel this sweet laughter and freedom, like a kid riding the waves on a summer day.


  1. 2-16-2019

    Happy Valentine’s day Sandy.
    They have it on the 14th, but it is ever present in the heart.

  2. 2-17-2019

    Thank you Walt. Yes, everyday is Valentine’s day, keeping this Infinite Love, bright and vital, always here in the heart.. ❤️ 💜