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Awakening the heart to the freedom and joy of our own authentic Identity makes all things new. We can delight in the adventure of Life from this marvelous new perspective. We recognize our real Identity and we dare to live it in freedom. From this new vista of understanding, we break the bonds of the old paradigms of false beliefs, erroneous concepts and wrong conclusions. We trust ourself and we set ourself free. We find a spacious, open, un-indoctrinated understanding. The joy, the heat, the warmth of this liberating discovery lifts us up and takes us beyond postulated theories and into a field of ever blooming revelations. We find our wholeness and peace, and we are in love with it all. Our inspiration, creativity, intelligence is lit by the fire within ourself. This Love is an inner flame, sparked by Light of Life we are. We look around and see Love in our own reflections as all those we love. We see the world around us as a gentle light that shines and comforts us. And yes, everything becomes a million times easier. Now, in this understanding, having made our very own journey back to ourself, we can let it be, let it be – we are home, we have it all. We watch the wonders, we delight in the magic, enjoying this living celebration of Love. Love lives in relationship to all Life. Giving and receiving, we are the dance, moving in tune with the song Life. We are the Holy Trinity enjoying this joyous world we are. Love is, and it is the very life we are, always.


  1. 1-17-2019

    “We find a spacious, open, unindoctrinated understanding” – nicely phrased!
    Words will never tell it exactly – this says it comfortably.

    • 1-17-2019

      Thank you Walt. Comfortably, I like that a lot. When things get complicated and overly intellectualized,I know I am going down the wrong road. Writing to Heart, keeping it all sweet and easy, comfortable and warm, whether anyone understands or not, is where I am led to take my words. Nice you can feel that. Soft, happy and tenderly seems the best way to express the joy and Light that I have found – – 💕